King County Market Update

Check out this months King County Market Update. Click to make the image bigger and check out our blog at the same time!

Jan 2016

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January Events

Here are your area events for the month of January! Click on the image to make it larger and check out our blog!


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King County Market Update

Check out this months King County Market Update. Click to make the image bigger and check out our blog at the same time!

Dec 2015 Market Update

Posted on December 16, 2015 at 6:23 pm
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Holiday Travel

Twas the week after Christmas and all through the house….not a creature was stirring, except one swimming mouse. Swimming mouse???  Ok, there was no mouse, but if there was he would have been swimming for his life!!  Here’s what happened.

download (2)Some clients of ours, Dave and Wendy, packed up their Christmas and 3 young boys, as they do each year, and headed for their cabin in Montana. They would enjoy cutting down their own tree behind the cabin, waiting for Santa to squeeze down their 3-story chimney on Christmas Eve, and frolic in the vast amounts of snow. As planned, the Christmas holiday went “swimmingly” well until they pulled into their driveway back in Kent, a week later, after a 9 hour drive across treacherous winter roads. The 3 kids peeled out of the car, all needing a bathroom break, grumpy, tired, and on Dad’s last nerve. As the kids piled out of the car, mom Wendy headed toward the door to start the great migration back into the house. As she turned the knob and went to step inside, the water came rolling out the door and down the steps. The entire one-story house held a few feet of standing water and the water was still running.  Thus began the $100,000 home restoration project.  The pipe in the wall had burst while they were away and the water had been running for several days.

So, what is the moral of the story?  Don’t go on vacation? Nope. Dave and Wendy would tell you that every time they go on vacation now, they turn the water off at the water shutoff in their closet. They open the tap in the sink and let the water in the lines run out so no pressure is left.

porchlight.jpgHere are some things your family can do while traveling for the holiday season. Personally, we have joined them in the vacation water shutoff protocol. In addition, we go online and have our mail held by the post office, leave our front porch lights on, leave our thermostat at 60 degrees, and let our neighbors know we will be gone so they can watch the house.

Cheers to a safe and dry holiday season!

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King County Market Update

Prices and market activity leveled off in July … the start of new trend or just summer doldrums?? Stay tuned …

AUG 2015 Market Update

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Insurance (I learned the hard way)

About a year ago I was leaving a clients condo complex and backed into a short yellow concrete pole. This is extra dumb because I have a back up camera. I would like to note that I have an excellent driving record with no accidents. Although, I have donated to the city for speeding on occasion and those school cameras!! I swear there are no children anywhere when those things nab me.

insurance pic

Anyways, I took it to the dealer and the cost to fix it was $2800 because I had managed to hit an area where several different car parts come together. Fortunately I have insurance…right? Also, I never use my insurance and thought that’s what it is for. Do you know how much I pay each year to insurance companies between my cars and houses? Enough to put a kid through state college. It was concluded that my rates would probably go up for my whole family, so I didn’t use it. What I did do is raise all my deductibles, cars and houses, to $1500. If it’s not worth it to make a claim, unless it’s a major incident, there is no reason to have low deductibles. By changing the deductibles on my policies, I saved several hundred dollars per year, which I now scoop into my own savings account for rare yellow pole incidents. Lesson learned!

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Home Warranty – Yes or No?

home warranty pic  Home Warranty is an insurance policy purchased through the home closing process to cover major systems in your newly purchased home. It typically costs $300 to $500. If a covered system fails within the first year, you are covered up to the allowable amount. For example, a client moved into her new home in Federal Way and her furnace kicked the bucket. The home warranty paid $1500 of the $2200 bill. Some clients swear by them. I have found that my clients from California love them, while my local clients typically decline them. Why would Californians like them more? The only thing I can figure is that it’s more of a custom in their area. Each market has its own customs and home warranty is one that comes out of California. My advice is to evaluate the risk of your systems failing. If the furnace and hot water heater are at the middle to end of their life, it might be a good idea. If you are buying a house with new appliances and systems, then save your $300 to $500 for minor fixes around the house.

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Events in Seattle this weekend

Blue Angel Reminder

Just a reminder to everyone that lives near or is visiting Seattle this weekend. The Blue Angels are in town and they are closing down some roads.

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Maximizing your small space

Use some designs and creativity to maximize your small space! From rugs to curtains, 5 easy ways to change your home

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King County Market Update

JULY 2015 Market Update

This market update will give you an idea of what is happening in Real Estate for King County. It includes the current price trend, market activity and financial market trends. Is this useful for your business? Let me know!

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