Uncategorized July 9, 2015

Must have pockets

Is there something you do in your daily life, specifically because of your job or lifestyle, that you don’t even think about because it’s such a habit? When my son was little I carried a baby bag. He is now almost 18, and no longer needs apple juice and fish crackers, but I still have not given up the large purse (which may or may not contain fish crackers). When I started in real estate 13 years ago I didn’t realize my wardrobe would need to change as well. But here’s the thing, I always have 15 things to hold at once. My car keys, my phone, the MLS key, the printouts of the house I’m showing, then the key to the house that I’m showing. Thus….the pockets. Now when I purchase a coat, skirt, pants and even dresses, I look at the pockets first to make sure they can hold my stuff. Then I try it on. This is one small stage of real estate, and now the title of my blog. The fun thing about the people I meet is that they are fascinated about the market, house values, communities, and what my job entails. So, this blog is about real estate from all aspects: the things I learn, the advice I give and get, the current market, tips for selling and buying a house, and the many ups and downs of a lifestyle career. I love real estate and this is simply another way to engage my community with my favorite people, such as you.