New Girl in Town – Bellevue/Snowflake Lane

Hello again from Jennifer and Mike’s assistant, Katie. This month I took a trip to Snowflake Lane in Bellevue. If you don’t already know, Bellevue is right across Lake Washington from Seattle. Snowflake lane is a performance put on in the middle of the street every night at 7pm on Bellevue Way. It is a holiday show where people dance in the middle of the street with Christmas music playing around them.


I started the night off by getting to Bellevue Square extra early to guarantee myself a parking spot and a good view of Snowflake Lane. I was there so early I went to grab dinner at Tavern Hall. Tavern Hall looks like an old English pub that has been updated and being that it is in Bellevue it’s updated nicely. It was a little busy that night because a group was having their holiday office party. However, they have this super cool waiting system. They use an app to tell them how long the wait is for each table. Then they text your phone when your table is ready. You can also download the app to check what your wait time is. After about 20 minutes I got seated and ordered the Cuban sandwich. It was super delicious and I would definitely go to this restaurant again. About 30 minutes before Snowflake Lane was about to start I found a spot right in front and waited.

Photo # 9781IMG142114

If you haven’t been to Snowflake Lane I suggest you should go at least once. However, it doesn’t seem necessary to go more than once unless you have kids that want to go. The whole production was definitely more focused on kids and their families. So it was something to see, but not something I would go to again. Also, being that I’m from Wisconsin, the whole experience would have been ten times better if there was snow.

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New Girl in Town – U District

Hello again. It’s Katie, assistant to Mike and Jennifer, and this latest adventure has taken me to the University District. As the name says, the area is north of the city where the University of Washington is located.

IMG_3577While in the U District I focused most of my attention on the University Village shopping area. I was told that Amazon had opened a bookstore in the U Village. This seemed weird to me because Amazon is so focused on online sales. However, the concept of this Amazon bookstore was very interesting because they only sell the top rated books from and each book has a plaque in front with a customer review. Also, the books they sell are mainly focused on the Seattle shopper. This allows them to sell a very specific set of books so they don’t sit on the shelves forever. I personally love bookstores and this one was well organized with a great selection of books. There was a special area in the center of the store for all the Amazon electronics and the surrounding area was shelves full of books.

IMG_3574After the fun filled trip to the Amazon Bookstore I wandered around U village window shopping at Nike, American Eagle and some smaller stores. While wandering I noticed a place called Specialty’s Café and Bakery, so I decided to go in and see what they had for lunch. I ended up ordering the Turkey Pesto sandwich and it was wonderful! It was perfectly toasty for the cool fall day outside. After I was finished with lunch I drove around the University of Washington campus with no luck in finding a parking spot, so I called it a day. I’ll have to leave that blog post for another day.

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New Girl in Town – Kirkland

It’s Katie, the assistant to Mike and Jennifer. My latest adventure sent me to Kirkland. Kirkland is north of Bellevue along the banks of Lake Washington.

untitledMy first experience in Kirkland was for their Oktoberfest celebration. Oktoberfest is a big deal where I went to college in La Crosse, WI, so I had to make up for missing it this year. Also, my boyfriend needed an excuse to wear his Lederhosen. We decided to take the bus so we could drink as much as we wanted. Before we got to the grounds we stopped at an Irish pub called Wilde Rover so my boyfriend could put on his Lederhosen. We started talking to a guy who grew up in the Kirkland area and has seen it change from a small town to a busy business city throughout his lifetime. Kirkland has changed significantly over the years, similar to the rest of the Greater Seattle Area. The current average home price is $650,000, Which makes it one of the most expensive areas of King County.

untitledI’ve spent most of my time in Kirkland near Marina Park and Downtown Kirkland. Marina Park is right on the edge of Lake Washington and you can see for miles. It’s a beautiful little park where they have lots of city events. Down the street from Marina Park are a lot of little shops. I didn’t stop in many because I don’t need a surf board and I wasn’t that hungry. However, it was a great little place to walk around and see what they have to offer.

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New Girl in Town – West Seattle

Katie, assistant to Jennifer and Mike, here again. My latest adventure was in West Seattle, where I live. While moving here I knew nothing about the area, but after being here for a couple months I have learned a lot more.

West Seattle is still apart of Seattle, but it is far enough away it feels like another city. There are tons of things to do!  I started my day by heading to the Junction . This is an area of California Avenue that is lined with businesses and it is known as the heart of West Seattle. My first stop was Elliott Bay Brewery and Pub because I love food and I love beer. So, I stopped in and ordered the fish & chips with a flight of their beer. It was some of the best fish & chips I have ever had, and I’ve been to England. After I was full, I took a walk down the street to see what else I could find. I happened upon a pet store called Next to Nature. I don’t have a pet, but I walked in hoping to see some dogs. To my disappointment there were none. However, this store offers a wide variety of healthy treats and food for dogs and cats. It is a very large store that anyone with a pet should check out.

 I kept walking down the street and after some time I noticed a small bakery that multiple people told me was a must. Bakery Nouveau has a great selection of pastries and I ended up buying some macaroons. My favorites were the salted caramel and coffee. They were delicious! After window shopping some more I noticed the new looking apartments in the area. However, surrounding these newer apartments were older homes. After some research back in the office many of the homes are from the early to mid-1900’s and the remodeled homes start around $550,000.

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New Girl in Town

Hi, my name is Katie. I am the new assistant to Jennifer Clukey and Mike Elliott. I just moved to the Seattle area from Wisconsin after graduating college. Here is my latest adventure in Renton, Washington!

Lake Washington

      Renton, Washington is a town located just outside of Seattle. There are a variety of activities to do while in Renton. However, I only picked three places to visit; Coulon Park, the Landing and the Renton Farmers Market. Coulon Park is located on the south end of Lake Washington. It is a great place to walk, run or just hang out. I also noticed an area where you could learn to sail. I thought that was pretty cool. This area was a really nice change of pace from the city life.

Next I visited the Landing. This is a nice shopping area that has any store you could dream of; a running store, a hair salon, clothing stores, etc. As I walked through I stopped for a donut and then I moved onto a kitchen store. I stopped in the kitchen store because I love to look at things I can’t have, but I still ended up buying three items on my wish list. I purchased an egg ring for that perfect circular egg on a breakfast sandwich, an oven mitt because I only own one, and a dish to set my spatulas in while I’m cooking. The Landing also offers a variety of restaurants to choose from. For example; Vino, for wine lovers; Beer World, for beer lovers; and 5 guys, for a classic burger.

Renton Farmers market 1

Next I was off to the Renton Farmers Market which is open every Tuesday from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm, June through September. I went in search of tomatoes for bruschetta and flowers to brighten my apartment. It was a cute little market in downtown Renton. There is free two hour parking in the garage across the street and plenty of booths to choose from. After eyeing each booth, I found ripe tomatoes and a $5 bouquet of flowers and was on my way. Renton is a nice area and cheaper than downtown Seattle, but it gives you the proximity to the city with a smaller town feel.

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