Katie's Adventures October 29, 2015

New Girl in Town – Kirkland

It’s Katie, the assistant to Mike and Jennifer. My latest adventure sent me to Kirkland. Kirkland is north of Bellevue along the banks of Lake Washington.

untitledMy first experience in Kirkland was for their Oktoberfest celebration. Oktoberfest is a big deal where I went to college in La Crosse, WI, so I had to make up for missing it this year. Also, my boyfriend needed an excuse to wear his Lederhosen. We decided to take the bus so we could drink as much as we wanted. Before we got to the grounds we stopped at an Irish pub called Wilde Rover so my boyfriend could put on his Lederhosen. We started talking to a guy who grew up in the Kirkland area and has seen it change from a small town to a busy business city throughout his lifetime. Kirkland has changed significantly over the years, similar to the rest of the Greater Seattle Area. The current average home price is $650,000, Which makes it one of the most expensive areas of King County.

untitledI’ve spent most of my time in Kirkland near Marina Park and Downtown Kirkland. Marina Park is right on the edge of Lake Washington and you can see for miles. It’s a beautiful little park where they have lots of city events. Down the street from Marina Park are a lot of little shops. I didn’t stop in many because I don’t need a surf board and I wasn’t that hungry. However, it was a great little place to walk around and see what they have to offer.